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22 Indiana artists receive fellowships to support creative aging programming

Updated: Mar 4

Emily Guerrero, Fort Wayne resident, utilized the 2022 fellowship funding to host a series of weekly paper flower workshops. "Create & Celebrate with Flowers" gathered elders to engage in the diversity of arts and traditions involving flowers. The workshop series concluded with a large gallery window showcase event at the HAEC art gallery in Huntington, Indiana.

In October, artists completed a three-day training led by national experts, Lifetime Arts, that explored best practices in creative aging and strategies to develop effective, sequential arts learning for older adults. The opportunity was made possible by a grant provided by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies in partnership with Aroha Philanthropies.

“Lifelong Arts Indiana demonstrates the power of creativity at all stages of life,” said Miah Michaelsen, Indiana Arts Commission Executive Director. “The Indiana Arts Commission is proud to help grow the career portfolio of artists in Indiana and develop our creative workforce in service to our older Hoosiers.”

Special thanks to IAC, Aroha Philanthropies and LaFontaine Arts Council Photo: QuestNcreate Marketing Ngozi Rogers

Create & Celebrate with Flowers as big as your head!

Huntington Arts Entrepreneurial Center

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