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Frida for ALL

Updated: Mar 4

In 2022 kindness and joy led the way for our team of co-creators to manifest an all inclusive multi-arts event for community. Special appreciation for an outstanding team of women co-creators; Rebecca Stockert, Cat People Press and Sophia's Portico! #AmazingWomen

The September kick-off event was held at the Fort Wayne, downtown, Allen County Main Library. The emphasis on ALL was to invite/support creatives, Hispanics, artists, multi-generations and physically challenged to showcase our abilities while celebrating Hispanic Heritage and the iconic Frida Kahlo, a Latina physically challenged artist.

Accessibility to the arts for blind, hearing impaired and physically challenged family and friends strengthens community by increasing Joy and Kindness for ALL. I grew as an individual, and as an artist, becoming aware of how to present the arts to individuals of varied ages and physical challenges.

To be born with physical, emotional challenges or have survived a life altering accident or illness, live with challenges. Daily finding a way through obstacles to manage life. Let us be intentionally inclusive, promote Kindness & Joy and to be a light on the path for the courageous amongst us. Speak up and Act up by advocating for ALL to have access to the joy and beauty of life and the arts.

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